The 5th Festival of Traditional Dances of Toumba (Thessaloniki)

Greeks are very well known for their free spirit and for their way to “dance the life”. From immemorial times, Greeks loved to express their feelings through dance and this is the reason why Greek dances had always an important role in the society. 

They still have an important role and you can understand this when you see little children, out of nowhere, standing up and dancing amazing traditional dances. More than a way of having fun, Greek dances contributed to Greek culture. During the years, many groups of Greeks, from different social classes, with different needs and vision, created their own dances, their own way of expression. Nowadays, they enrich the Greek culture and delight the eyes of the tourists and locals alike.

They bring people together at key points of their life, even good, or bad.. dance is always there. 

Like Zorba the Greek said :Dance represents both an opportunity to express emotions and to surrender to them. It represents the unleashing of one’s spirit along with the integration of mind, body, and spirit at the same time.”

In a country where traditional dances are still as alive as they were in the ancient times, you can enjoy incredible events that will make your heart beat to the rhythm of the Greek music.

One of these events is taking place this Sunday, 4th of September 2022, at 7PM in Thessaloniki, at the Theater of the Culture Center of Toumba, during the 5th Festival of Traditional Dances of Toumba (an eastern district of Thessaloniki).

In this cultural event there will be many dance associations from Thessaloniki accompanied by a traditional orchestra and dressed with impressive folk costumes, that will delight the spectators with traditional dances from many areas of Greece. 

If you consider that there are approximately 10.000 traditional Greek dances that come from all regions of Greece, can you just imagine the vibe that these dancers will create?

If that wasn’t Greek enough, at the end of the cultural program, it will start the Greek party, called “panigiri” – a term used for centuries old traditional parties, organized especially during the summer months. 

This Greek cultural event, is a “dance” between the wild and the serene, is tradition and innovation, relaxation and party. Is such a unique experience that you will always carry in your heart.

The entrance is FREE for everybody that wants to feel what a Greek dance and Greek party means. You can find more details here.

Alexandra Nicola – Balkazaar contributor 


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